Graphic Organizer as One Alternative Technique to Teach Writing

Suhaidi Pratama, Istiqomah Nur Rahmawati, Bambang Irfani


This research is conducted based on the preliminary research that are many students considered writing is difficult. The students still cannot develThe objective of the research was to find out whether there is influence of graphic organizer towards students’ writing ability in descriptive text. The methodology of this research was quasi experimental design with the treatment held in 3 meetings. In collecting the data, the writers used instruments pre-test and post-test. The instrument was descriptive writing test. After giving the post-test, the writers analyzed the data by using independent sample t-test. From the data analysis, it was found that the result of test was tobserved (2.76) with tcritical (1.684), it means that the score of tobserved was higher than tcritical, so Ha is accepted. So, there was influence of graphic organizer towards students’ writing ability in descriptive text.

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