Journal History

The Journal will be regularly published two times per year. Since 2021 this journal began online. This journal collaborates with many researchers from over the world. International Journal of Electronics and Communications System is a medium of communication used by researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and University student for submitting the result of studies and prioritized result of research in the field of the improvement about design and implementation of electronics devices, circuits, and communication systems including but not limited to: circuit theory, integrated circuits, analog circuits, digital circuits, mixed-signal circuits, electronic components, electronic devices, filters, oscillators, biomedical circuits, neuromorphic circuits, RF circuits, optical communication systems, microwave systems, antenna systems, communications circuits for optical communication, development of physics evaluation instruments, development of physics instructional media, digital signal processing, communication theory and techniques, modulation, source and channel coding, microwave theory and techniques, wave propagation and more.