Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Fisika Al-Biruni

Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Fisika Al-Biruni (Al-Biruni Journal of Physics Education), [p-ISSN: 2303-1832, e-ISSN: 2503-023X] is medium of communication for researchers, lecturers, teachers, practitioners, and University students that covers issues such as the improvement of physics learning technic including the development of instruments of physics evaluation, development of physics instructional media, and the development of learning model of physics by considering the local wisdom and enriched with the principle of religion and culture; Theoretical physics and the current issue of applied physics are also welcome, However, the article related and integrated to the value of religion and culture will be prioritized.

Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Fisika Al-Biruni published comprehensive research articles and reviews by leading experts in the field. Selected articles, which has a high scientific achievement, provide important new knowledge, and high benefits to society of physics and physics education.

The Journal was first published in 2012 and regularly published twice per year in April and October. Since 2014 this journal began online. This journal collaborates with Perkumpulan Pendidik IPA Indonesia (PPII) [Indonesian Society for Science Educators] and Physics Society of Indonesia (PSI).

Jurnal Ilmiah Pendidikan Fisika Al-Biruni has become a CrossRef Member since the year 2017. Therefore, all articles published by JIPF Al-Biruni will have a unique DOI number.

JIPF Al-Biruni is accredited by the Ministry of Research, Technology and Higher Education Republic of Indonesia Number 21/E/KPT/2018 (Grade 2). Accreditation is valid for five years, that is: from volume 5 no. 1, 2016, until volume 9 no. 2, 2020.

This journal welcomes submissions all year round. Submissions are reviewed upon receipt. The template manuscript can be downloaded Here  Manuscript Published is written in standard English since Volume 7 No. 1, 2018. The manuscript before Volume 7 No. 1 can be published in two choices of languages, Bahasa Indonesia and English.

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Vol 8, No 1 (2019): Jurnal Ilmiah pendidikan Fisika Al-Biruni

Table of Contents

George Κaliampos, Konstantinos Ravanis
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3737 | Abstract views : 215 | PDF downloads : 75
Diah Mulhayatiah, Purwanti Purwanti, Winda Setya, Herni Yuniarti Suhendi, Rahayu Kariadinata, Sri Hartini
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3150 | Abstract views : 237 | PDF downloads : 103
Yeni Ristya Wardani, Mundilarto Mundilarto, Jumadi Jumadi, Insih Wilujeng, Heru Kuswanto, Dwi Puji Astuti
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3647 | Abstract views : 201 | PDF downloads : 98
Lalu A. Didik, Yahdi Yahdi, Masruroh Masruroh
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3716 | Abstract views : 124 | PDF downloads : 38
Listiana Listiana, Abdurrahman Abdurrahman, Agus Suyatna, Prasart Nuangchalerm
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.2536 | Abstract views : 166 | PDF downloads : 73
Nandi Haerudin, Rustadi Rustadi, Helmy Fitriawan, Deassy Siska, Muchammad Farid
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3705 | Abstract views : 129 | PDF downloads : 56
Ummi Kaltsum, Ema Chintya Permatasari, Ngurah Ayu Nyoman Murniati, Wawan Kurniawan, Joko Saefan
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.2967 | Abstract views : 95 | PDF downloads : 52
Adam Malik, Yani Nuraeni, Achmad Samsudin, Sutarno Sutarno
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3056 | Abstract views : 196 | PDF downloads : 66
Ade Tegar Saputra, Jumadi Jumadi, Debora Wibianne Paramitha, Siti Sarah
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3801 | Abstract views : 283 | PDF downloads : 106
Bambang Subali, Firda Nikmah, Imam Sumpono, Siswanto Siswanto
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3654 | Abstract views : 159 | PDF downloads : 38
Widodo Budi Kurniawan, Anisa Indriawati, Dewi Marina, Erman Taer
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.3780 | Abstract views : 77 | PDF downloads : 40
Titik Rahayu, Kamisah Osman
10.24042/jipfalbiruni.v8i1.4450 | Abstract views : 156 | PDF downloads : 47