Jurnal El-Pustaka

El-Pustaka is Journal of Library Science and Information of Islamic. The study area of this journal is librarianship, information (Islamic) and archives, including Library and Literature; Information and Media Preservation; Archive Management; Curriculum and Learning about Libraries; Library and Community; Library Management; Digital Library and Repositories; Islamic Information; Organization of Information; Information Services; Knowledge Management; Media and Information Literacy; Info metrics; Information Policy; Documentation System; Information Technology. Collaborate with ISIPII (Ikatan Sarjana Ilmu Perpustakaan dan Informasi Indonesia). Index by Moraref, Google Scholar, Garuda.


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Vol 3, No 2 (2022): Jurnal El-Pustaka

Table of Contents


Ricco Herdiyan Saputra, Jimi Ali Baba, Winia Waziana
10.24042/el-pustaka.v3i2.13066 | Abstract views : 135
Elfrida Situmeang, Rismayeti Rismayeti, Hadira Latiar
10.24042/el-pustaka.v3i2.13009 | Abstract views : 125
Monica Putri, Khoirunnisa Etika Sari
10.24042/el-pustaka.v3i2.13949 | Abstract views : 69
Aulia Permata Sari, Sely Yoanda
10.24042/el-pustaka.v3i2.13787 | Abstract views : 80
Okta Azrina, Mezan el-Khaeri Kesuma, Latief Nurjannah
10.24042/el-pustaka.v3i2.15849 | Abstract views : 58
Sonya Nur Fitriah, Wiwid Rosita, Rohmaniyah Rohmaniyah
10.24042/el-pustaka.v3i2.13796 | Abstract views : 205