Imam Subhi


The existence of pesantren’s education in Indonesia
makes people happy because its amount is rising and
growing more and more. But, pesantren also
undergo the change of educational system as
growing era nowadays. A part of them keep their
salafiyah educational style, and others stand
cooperatively with change. However, as pesantren
are growing rapidly, it appears a lot of problems and
questions, why is the rising number of pesantren not
comparable with the number of ulama cadres
produced? It is caused by some factors, they are
pracmatic educational formalization, short studying
time, dinamic societies' demands, and less spiritual
approaches. So, it needs some sistematically
reconstructions, such as institutional reconstruction,
the goal of pesantren itself and the curriculum. This
is a part of innovation spirit and also sincerity to
keep pesantren's soul which is 'fort of producing
ulama cadres'. However, it agrees with the statement
“almuhafadoh ala qodimissholih wal akhdudu bil
jadidil aslah'” (to keep old traditions and to take new
better circumtances).

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DOI: 10.24042/ijpmi.v9i1.849


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