Nurnazli Nurnazli


One of the important teachings in Islam is the
marriage. Marriage is a Sunnah of the Prophet and
recommended in Islam when someone has meet
various requirements. The importance of the doctrine
of marriage is that in the Qur'an there many verses,
either directly or indirectly, addressed the issue of
marriage. Marriage or paired an ordinance of Allah to
his creatures. It is repeatedly emphasized by Allah in
the Qur'an. Marriage in the Qur'an is a suggestion that
a full requirements so that the goals of marriage is
mentioned explicitly in the Qur'an, despite its general
nature. In the Qur'an there are two key words that
indicate the meaning of marriage, namely zawwaja and
nakaha, which is in use, can be defined by marriage.
The Qur'an uses these two words because it makes a
marriage partner, conjugal relations lawfully
accompanied by ijāb and qabūl.

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DOI: 10.24042/ijpmi.v8i2.911


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