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Professional zakat is kind of zakat that be paid from
professionals‟ fees after certain nisab. In term of
professional zakat, a profession is classified into two
catagories which are: first, personal private profession;
and second, the profession that depend on other
people or institution. It formulation is referred
logically to a common conduct of agricultural zakat;
which is type of zakat that farmers paid after their
harvest without any waiting times‟ requirement. From
this common practice, some peoples do an analogical
effort to convert it to be a new form of zakat. A new
terminology of zakat which is „professional zakat‟ that
really close to agricultural zakat in term of it laws‟,
purposes and requirement. Beginning here the
controversies came up. These mentioned issues will be
discussed further on the writing.

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DOI: 10.24042/ijpmi.v7i1.915


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