REVITALISASI AMIL ZAKAT DI INDONESIA Telaah atas Model-model Kreatif Distribusi Zakat

Junaidi Abdillah


Baznas (the National Alms Agency) will design as the
coordinator and supervisor of zakat collection and
distribution activities in Indonesia, the world‟s largest
Muslim country. This role, he said, would help the
government integrate the zakat management system in
Indonesia which had been organized independently by
countless registered and unregistered zakat collection
organizations scattered around the country, and ensure
that the zakat funds would also be used to empower
the poor. According to the new alms law, the public is
still allowed to establish zakat collection agencies
under Baznas supervision as long as they meet all
administrative requirements, including the possession
of a recommendation from Baznas and technical
ability to run their alms collection and distribution

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DOI: 10.24042/ijpmi.v7i1.916


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