Vol 7, No 1 (2022)

This issue has been available online since 10 May 2022 for the regular issue of May 2022. All article in this issue (8 original research articles) were authored/co-authored by 29 authors from 5 countries (Indonesia, Malaysia, Taiwan, Brunei Darussalam, Pakistan)


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Table of Contents

1 - 24
Implementation of Modern Monetary Theory Through Printing Money as an Economic Stimulus Solution Islamic Perspective
Nurfaedah Nurfaedah, Molly Mustikasari, Muhammad Bin Abdullah
DOI : 10.24042/febi.v7i1.11517 | Abstract views : 953 times
25 - 40
41 - 56
57 - 74
Analyzing The Impact of Productive Zakat Utilization on The Mustahiq Economic Independence in Malaysia and Indonesia
Burhan Rifuddin, Rismayanti Rismayanti, Nur Amal Mas, Betania Kartika
DOI : 10.24042/febi.v7i1.13501 | Abstract views : 346 times
75 - 96
The Magnitude of Market Power between SCBs and SBUs: the Root Cause of Stagnancy of the Growth in Islamic Banking Industry and Spin-off Policy as its Solution
Wa Ode Rayyani, Ahmad Abbas, Mohammad Ayaz, Idrawahyuni Idrawahyuni, Sentot Imam Wahjono
DOI : 10.24042/febi.v7i1.13561 | Abstract views : 335 times
97 - 120
The Role of The Waqf Bank for Students (Case Study of the Amal Jariyah Waqf Bank and the STF of UIN Syahid Jakarta)
Angga Syahputra, Khalish Khairina, Munawar Rizki Jailani
DOI : 10.24042/febi.v7i1.13610 | Abstract views : 146 times
121 - 134
Impact of Corporate Social Responsibility Funds From PT. Telkom Indonesia on MSMEs Development in Padang City: an Islamic Economic Perspective
Ahmad Wira, Finasmi Desya, M Zaky Mubarak Lubis, Mukhamad Hadi Musolin Subagio, Wahyuni Lely Augusna
DOI : 10.24042/febi.v7i1.13802 | Abstract views : 232 times
135 - 150