Perbedaan Mekanisme Koping Antara Mahasiswa Laki-Laki dan Perempuan dalam Menghadapi Ujian Semester pada Fakultas Tarbiyah Iain Raden Intan Lampung.

Andi Thahir


Students in RI Government regulation No.30 of 1990 are registered learners and study in certain universities. Students are a group in a society that obtains its status because of ties with college. In male student variable, 160 respondents (64%) have constructive coping mechanism and 90 respondents (36%) have destructive coping mechanism. In the female variable, 200 respondents (80%) have constructive coping mechanism and 50 respondents (20%) have destructive coping mechanism. The result of Bivariate analysis using Chi Square obtained χ² count = 0,893 dan χ² table = 3,488. This means there is no difference in coping mechanism between male and female students in facing the odd semester exam of academic year 2010/2011 at Faculty of Tarbiyah IAIN Raden Intan Lampung.


Mechanism; Koping

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