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Management of Environment Education

The Management of Environment Education provides a forum for scholarly reporting and discussion of developments in all aspects of teaching and learning in the education management  that is more environmentally oriented. The Journal seeks reflective papers which bring together pedagogy and theories of management learning; descriptions of innovative teaching which include critical reflection on implementation and outcomes will also be considered.

The editors particularly welcome submissions on:
• Critical perspectives on education and its institutional development in all the education management disciplines;
• Changes in the structure of management education and the changing roles of management educatorsthat is more environmentally oriented;
• Relationships of management programmes to educators needs;
• Globalisation of management education in advancing the  Sustainable Development Goals.

By promoting critical discussion on current innovations within these areas, the journal represents an excellent forum for highlighting the profile of management education on both a national and international level.

The Management of Environment Educationis the outlet for educational research and developments within the education of management.