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Al-Tadzkiyyah: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

Al-Tadzkiyyah: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam With a registered Number P-ISSN: 2086-9118 (Print), E-ISSN: 2528-2476 (Online), Which is managed By the Journal of Study Program of islamic Education and teacher training, faculty of Educatian and teacher training of Universitas Islam Negeri Raden Intan Lampung. Collaburates With Perkumpulan Sarjana Pendidikan Islam Indonesia (PSPII)/ The society of Indonesian Islamic Education alumni.

Al-Tadzkiyyah: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam discussed the raised issues concerning Islamic education and unbiased exchange of information on the results of scientific studies or research for scholars and practitioners in the field of Islamic education in theory and practice, and research learning Islamic Education include: the development of instruments of evaluation Islamic Education, Islamic Education instructional media development, the development of Islamic education learning model, and the Islamic Educational Scientific action research.

Jurnal Al-Tadzkiyyah published comprehensive research articles and reviews by leading experts in their fields. Paper will be selected that have a high scientific achievement, provide important new knowledge, and high benefits to society of Islamic Education. Al-Tadzkiyyah ATJPI published twice a year in May and November

Starting from Volume 10 No. 1 2019 Al-tadzkiyyah: Journal of Islamic Education, priority for receiving articles from field research results

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Vol 11, No 2 (2020): Al-Tadzkiyyah: Jurnal Pendidikan Islam

Table of Contents


Teni Maryatin, Syihabuddin Syihabuddin, Sofyan Sauri, Momod Abdul Somad
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7284 | Abstract views : 116
153 - 174
Islam Daroini, Afiful Ikhwan, Anip Dwi Saputro
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7001 | Abstract views : 86
175 - 189
Sultan Hadi Prabowo, Agus Fakhruddin, Miftahur Rohman
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7806 | Abstract views : 1626
191 - 207
Nusrotus Saidah, Izzatul Khayatil Isnaini
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.6889 | Abstract views : 178
209 - 220
Abid Rohmanu, Evi Muafiah Muafiah, Arif Rahman Hakim, Vivi V. W. Damayanti
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7019 | Abstract views : 352
221 - 241
Imam Syafei, Hayyu Mashvufah, Jaenullah Jaenullah, Agus Susanti
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7804 | Abstract views : 589
243 - 257
Mochamad Alfin Islamudin, Eni Fariyatul Fahyuni
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.6852 | Abstract views : 133
259 - 273
Syarif Syarif, Nur Kholis
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7106 | Abstract views : 472
275 - 293
Yayuk Dwi Wahyuni, A. Taqiyudin Absor, Ahmad Iqbal Hs
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7856 | Abstract views : 85
295 - 318
Heru Juabdin Sada, Abi Fadila
10.24042/atjpi.v11i2.7441 | Abstract views : 72
319 - 330