Terampil: Jurnal Pendidikan dan Pembelajaran Dasar

Terampil is a medium of communication for researchers, academicians, and practitioners that provides a means for sustained discussion of relevant issues that fall within the focus and scopes of the journal which examined empirically in the areas of learning, development, instruction and teaching, especially elementary education. The journal welcomes original empirical investigation. The papers may represent a variety of theoretical perspectives and different methodological approaches. They may refer to a diversity of learning and instructional settings, from laboratory experiments to field studies on elementary school. The major criteria in the review and the selection process concerns the significance of the contribution to the area of learning and instruction.

1) Instruction
2) Learning and teaching
3) Curriculum development
4) Learning environment
5) Teacher education
6) Educational technology
7) Educational development

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Vol 10, No 1 (2023): TERAMPIL

Table of Contents


The Influence of Batang Napier Media on the Learning Outcomes of Class III Elementary School Students
Maratul Qiftiyah, Teguh Yunianto, Atika Nur Hidayati, Tri Maya Sari | Country :
DOI : 10.24042/terampil.v10i1.16399 | Abstract views : 49 times
The Influence Of Mathematical Process Skills On The Character Of Cooperation In High Grades Of Acceleration And Debit Materials
Kamid Kamid, Dwi Agus Kurniawan, Rahmat Perdana, Minarsih Minarsih, Siti Rohana, Roy Andre Ferdinan, Rizki Alfiana | Country :
DOI : 10.24042/terampil.v10i1.15031 | Abstract views : 23 times
Implementasi Pembelajaran Daring Menggunakan Model Kurikulum Teknologi Dalam Merdeka Belajar di MI
Diah Rizki Nur Kalifah, Nurul Hidayah, Muhamad Afdoli Ramadoni | Country :
DOI : 10.24042/terampil.v10i1.16235 | Abstract views : 71 times
Analisis Implementasi Gerakan Literasi Sekolah Melalui Pojok Baca dalam Meningkatkan Kemampuan Membaca
Monika Priza Marta Febriana, Nelly Astuti, Siska Mega Diana, Sowiyah Sowiyah, Deviyanti Pangestu | Country :
DOI : 10.24042/terampil.v10i1.13725 | Abstract views : 57 times