Forecasting : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Perencanaan Pembangunan

Forecasting : Jurnal Ekonomi dan Perencanaan Pembangunan publishes papers covering all aspects of forecasting. Its objective is to unify the field, and to bridge the gap between theory and practice, making forecasting useful and relevant for decision and policy makers. The journal places strong emphasis on empirical studies, evaluation activities, implementation research and ways of improving the practice of forecasting. It is open to many points of view and encourages debate to find solutions for problems facing the field.

Topics covered in the International Journal of Forecasting:

• Economic and econometric forecasting
• Marketing forecasting
• New products forecasting
• Financial forecasting
• Production forecasting
• Technological forecasting
• Forecasting applications in business, government, and the military
• Demographic forecasting
• Energy forecasting
• Climate forecasting
• Crime forecasting
• Seasonal adjustments and forecasting
• Time series forecasting
• Legal and political aspects of forecasting
• Implementation of forecasting
• Judgmental/psychological aspects of forecasting
• Impact of forecast uncertainty on decision making
• Organizational aspects of forecasting
• Sport forecasting
• Machine Learning forecasting
• Forecasting methodology
• Election forecasting
• Big data forecasting

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