Unimodular matrix and bernoulli map on text encryption algorithm using python

Samsul Arifin, Indra Bayu Muktyas, Puguh Wahyu Prasetyo, Abdul Azis Abdillah


One of the encryption algorithms is the Hill Cipher. The square key matrix in the Hill Cipher method must have an inverse modulo. The unimodular matrix is one of the few matrices that must have an inverse. A unimodular matrix can be utilized as a key in the encryption process. This research aims to demonstrate that there is another approach to protect text message data. Symmetric cryptography is the sort of encryption utilized. A Bernoulli Map is used to create a unimodular matrix. To begin, the researchers use an identity matrix to generate a unimodular matrix. The Bernoulli Map series of real values in (0,1) is translated to integers between 0 and 255. The numbers are then inserted into the unimodular matrix's top triangular entries. To acquire the full matrix as the key, the researchers utilize Elementary Row Operations. The data is then encrypted using modulo matrix multiplication.


Bernoulli Map; Hill cipher; Python; Unimodular Matrix

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DOI: http://dx.doi.org/10.24042/ajpm.v12i2.10469


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